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The IMF urged governments in rich countries to step up spending on investment, pointing out that, even before covid-19, public-investment-to-GDP ratios were declining. The rates of return from spending on adaptation to climate change in particular are often greater than 100%, it said. Meanwhile, Kristalina Georgieva, the IMF’s managing director, described the path to economic recovery after the pandemic as “the long ascent—a difficult climb that will be long, uneven and uncertain. And prone to setbacks.”

IMF 敦促富裕国家的政府增加投资支出,并指出即使在 covid-19 之前,公共投资占GDP的比率也在下降。IMF 表示,特别是用于适应气候变化的支出回报率通常高于100%。同时,国际货币基金组织董事总经理克里斯塔琳娜·乔治欧娃(Kristalina Georgieva)将这场新冠病毒大流行之后的经济复苏之路形容为“长期的攀登-艰难的攀登将是漫长、不平衡和不确定的,而且容易遭受挫折。”



Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, once again called for more fiscal stimulus measures. He described the policy risks of supporting the American economy as asymmetric: providing too little help will be worse than providing too much. Donald Trump said he would not agree to a stimulus package until after the election. Employers created 661,000 jobs in September, a much smaller number than in each of the previous four months, when firms rehired as lockdowns eased.

美联储主席鲍威尔(Jerome Powell)再次呼吁采取更多的财政刺激措施。他将支持美国经济的政策风险描述为不对称:提供太少的帮助比提供太多帮助更糟糕。唐纳德·特朗普表示,在大选之前,他不会同意经济刺激计划。当隔离被逐步解除,公司开始雇人。9月份,雇主创造了66.1万个工作岗位,这个数字大大低于前四个月。


OurCrowd, an investment platform based in Jerusalem, struck a partnership with a business-development company backed by Al Naboodah Investments of Dubai. It is the first big alliance between investment firms in Israel and the United Arab Emirates after the recent normalisation of relations between the two countries.

总部位于耶路撒冷的投资平台 OurCrowd 与一家由迪拜 Al Naboodah Investments 支持的商业开发公司建立了合作关系。这是最近两国关系正常化后,以色列和阿拉伯联合酋长国投资公司之间的第一个大型联盟。

There was more consolidation in the payments industry with the announcement that Nexi, Italy’s biggest provider of digital payments, would buy SIA, a smaller rival that is owned by the Italian government. Through a development bank, the government will retain a 25% stake.

意大利最大的数字支付提供商 Nexi 宣布将收购 SIA,这是支付行业的整合。SIA 为意大利政府所拥有,是 Nexi 规模较小的竞争对手。通过一家开发银行,政府将保留25%的股份。


Companies aiming to increase staff diversity may be drawing more legal scrutiny from the American government. Microsoft and Wells Fargo, who have both promised to double their number of black executives, were both contacted by the Department of Labour recently to inquire whether their plans comply with laws that forbid hiring practices based on race.



America’s Supreme Court heard arguments from Google and Oracle in a closely watched case concerning how copyright law should apply to computer code. Oracle argues that Google unlawfully reused parts of Java, a programming language, in its Android smartphones. Google retorts that such reuse has been common industry practice for decades, and is vital for interoperability between software. A lower court’s ruling in Oracle’s favour in 2018 alarmed the rest of the tech industry, which mostly takes Google’s side.

美国最高法院在一个备受关注的案件中听取了Google和Oracle的辩论,该案涉及版权法应如何适用于计算机代码。甲骨文辩称,谷歌在其 Android 智能手机中非法重用了Java(一种编程语言)的部分内容。谷歌反驳说,这种重用数十年来已经成为行业惯例,并且对于软件之间的互操作性至关重要。下级法院在2018年做出有利于甲骨文的裁决,震惊了科技行业,而科技行业大多站在谷歌一边。

A committee in America’s House of Representatives accused Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google of exploiting their monopoly power, comparing them to oil and railway tycoons in the 19th century, and recommended sweeping reforms to antitrust laws. That could spell trouble for the tech giants if the Democrats win both chambers of Congress next month.


Boeing’s annual outlook for the overall aerospace industry forecast an 11% drop in demand for commercial planes over the next decade, compared with last year’s forecast. Over the next 20 years, it predicts passenger-traffic growth will return to pre-pandemic levels of 4% a year.


Bristol-Myers Squibb made another big acquisition, agreeing to pay $13.1bn for MyoKardia, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specialising in treatments for heart disease. Last year Bristol-Myers Squibb bought Celgene for $90bn, one of the largest-ever deals in the drug industry.

Bristol-MyersSquibb 又进行了一次大收购,同意以131亿美元收购一家专门从事心脏病治疗的临床生物制药公司 MyoKardia。去年,Bristol-Myers Squibb 以900亿美元收购了 Celgene,这是制药业有史以来最大的交易之一。

Facebook said it had started to remove all pages across all its platforms that are linked to QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory that thinks Donald Trump is battling a cabal of Satan-worshipping paedophiles. The company had been criticised for not doing enough to counter the surge in fake news from QAnon adherents.


Cineworld decided to close all its cinemas in America and Britain until next year, after the release date of “No Time To Die”, the next James Bond film, was again postponed, until April. Already struggling as social-distancing keeps the crowds away from its venues, Cineworld was banking on what would have been this year’s biggest box-office draw. Other films have been delayed, some have gone straight to streaming. Many in the industry believe lavish blockbusters need to be seen in cinemas first in order to create the all-important buzz.

Cineworld 决定关闭所有在美国和英国的电影院,直到明年。下一部007电影”No Time To Die”再次跳票。由于需要保持社交距离,使人们远离了电影院。Cineworld 已经在苦苦挣扎,它寄希望于今年最大的票房收入。其他电影已被推迟,有些直接进入了流媒体。业内许多人认为,大片首先要在电影院中放映,以引起人们的关注。


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